Delta Sharing 0.3.0 Released

December 1, 2021
Denny Lee

Delta Sharing 0.3.0 Released

Delta Sharing 0.3.0 Released


Dec 1, 2021

Delta Sharing 0.3.0 Released!

We are excited to announce the release of Delta Sharing 0.3.0, which introduces the following improvements and fixes issues:


  • Support Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Gen2 in Delta Sharing Server (#56, #59)
  • Apache Spark Connector now can send the limitHint parameter when a user query is using limit (#55)
  • load_as_pandas in Python Connector now accepts a limit parameter to allow users fetching only a few rows to explore (#76)
  • Apache Spark Connector will re-fetch pre-signed urls before they expire to support long running queries (#69)
  • Add a new API to list all tables in a share to save network round trips (#63, #66, #67, #88)
  • Add a User-Agent header to request sent from Apache Spark Connector and Python (#75)
  • Add an optional expirationTime field to Delta Sharing Profile File Format to provide the token expiration time (#77)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a corner case that list_all_tables may not return correct results in the Python Connector (#84)

Credits: Denny Lee, Felix Cheung, Lin Zhou, Matei Zaharia, Shixiong Zhu, Will Girten, Xiaotong Sun, Yuhong Chen, kohei-tosshy, William Chau

Visit the release notes to learn more about the release.

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