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Delta Lake is an open-source project that enables building a Lakehouse architecture
on top of existing storage systems such as S3, ADLS, GCS, and HDFS.

Key Features

ACID Transactions:
Scalable Metadata Handling:
Time Travel (data versioning):
Open Format:
Unified Batch and Streaming Source and Sink:
Schema Enforcement:
Schema Evolution:
Audit History:
Updates and Deletes:
100% Compatible with Apache Spark API:
Instead of parquet...
… simply say delta
Together, the features of Delta Lake improve both the manageability and performance of working with data in cloud storage objects, and enable a "lakehouse" paradigm that combines the key features of data warehouses and data lakes: standard DBMS management functions usable against low-cost object stores.

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Thousands of companies are processing exabytes of data per month with Delta Lake.

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Project Governance

Delta Lake is an independent open-source project and not controlled by any single company. To emphasize this we joined the Delta Lake Project in 2019, which is a sub-project of the Linux Foundation Projects.


Within the project, we make decisions based on these rules.

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