Delta Sharing

An open standard for secure data sharing

Delta Sharing is the industry’s first open protocol for secure data sharing, making it simple to share data with other organizations regardless of which computing platforms they use.

Key Features

Share live data directly

Easily share live data in your Delta Lake without copying it to another system.

Support diverse clients

Data recipients can directly connect to Delta Shares from Pandas, Apache Spark™, Rust, and other systems without having to first deploy a specific compute pattern. Reduce the friction to get your data to your users.

Security and governance

Delta Sharing allows you to easily govern, track, and audit access to your shared datasets.


Share terabyte-scale datasets reliably and efficiently by leveraging cloud storage systems like S3, ADLS, and GCS.

Connecting to Delta Sharing


Load table as Pandas DataFrame


Apache Spark

Load table as Spark DataFrame


Power BI

Load directly into Power BI

Delta Sharing Ecosystem


Join the Delta Lake Community

Delta Lake is supported by more than 190 developers from over 70 organizations across multiple repositories.
Chat with fellow Delta Lake users and contributors, ask questions and share tips.

The Linux Foundation
Project Governance

Delta Lake is an independent open-source project and not controlled by any single company. To emphasize this we joined the Delta Lake Project in 2019, which is a sub-project of the Linux Foundation Projects. Within the project, we make decisions based on these rules.