Salesforce Engineering: Engagement Activity Delta Lake, Redshift Sectrum supports Delta Lake

We have a couple of exciting call outs this week!

Salesforce Engineering: Engagement Activity Delta Lake

To support our (Salesforce) customers using High Velocity Sales to intelligently convert leads and create new opportunities, we built the engagement activity platform to automatically capture and store user engagement activities. The engagement delta lake is one of the key components supporting Einstein Analytics for creating powerful reports and dashboards and Sales Cloud Einstein for training machine learning models.

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Amazon Redshift Spectrum adds support for querying open source Apache Hudi and Delta Lake

You can now use Amazon Redshift to run read queries against tables in your Amazon S3 data lake with open source Apache Hudi or Delta Lake. Amazon Redshift Spectrum, a feature of Amazon Redshift, enables you to query your S3 data lake directly from your Redshift cluster without first loading the data into it, minimizing time to insight.

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