Power BI Delta Sharing Connector

We are excited about the recently announced preview of the Power BI Delta Sharing connector as noted in the Microsoft Power BI Blog: Power BI November 2021 Feature Summary.

Delta Sharing is an open protocol that enables secure exchange of datasets across products and platforms by leveraging proven and scalable technologies such as REST and cloud storage.

The Power BI Delta Sharing connector is an implementation of a Delta Sharing client, which can connect to any Delta Sharing server so users can discover, analyze and visualize datasets shared with them via the Delta Sharing protocol.

To Power BI users, the connector is a route for gaining instant, visual insight on live datasets shared with them through Delta Sharing and leveraging the rich and familiar functionality of Power BI with Delta Shares.

To Data Providers, the connector opens up their data products (as distributed via Delta Sharing) for frictionless and secure BI to any Power BI user, which makes their datasets much more actionable to their customer base.

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