Florian Valeye
Florian Valeye
Delta Lake Maintainer, Staff Data Engineer at Back Market

"Contributing to open source is key to learning how to solve problems within worldwide, benevolent communities of people."

Source:  Linux Foundation 2022 Annual Report

Maintainers are key to an open-source project like Delta Lake since they manage contributions and work with the developer community to further the direction of the project. They are vital to the success of the open-source project and are committed to improving it. In this blog post, we will be highlighting a lead maintainer at Delta Lake,  Florian Valeye.

Florian Valeye is a Data Engineering Manager at Back Market and maintainer to delta-rs, a native Rust library for Delta Lake. Passionate about everything data, Florian leads data projects to help businesses make the right data-driven decisions. As an open-source enthusiast, Florian shares his knowledge with others to help them grow in their roles. Florian possesses two Masters Degrees, one in Management of Technology and Innovation and the other in Engineering Specialized in Computer Science and Networks. In January 2021, Florian became a Delta Lake Maintainer. In fact, he was one of the first contributors of the Delta Lake 1.0 release.

Florian and the engineering team at Back Market have been important contributors to the Delta Rust API and associated Python bindings. They have been actively involved in Delta Lake Community Office Hours, contributors to the aws-pandas-sdk and AWS Labs Athena Federation, reviewing code, and even Delta Lake partnerships with Google BigQuery. In 2022, Florian Valeye led the Back Market team to be a finalist for the Data Team OSS Award  which celebrates those who are making the most out of leveraging, or contributing to, the open-source technologies that are defining the future of data and AI.