Gerhard Brueckl
Gerhard Brueckl
Lead Data Engineer / Cloud Solution Architect at paiqo GmbH

"Contributing to something you use on a daily basis not only makes you learn the topic in depth but also further drives it and thereby also your success."

We are excited to share that the Delta Lake contributor of the month is Gerhard Brueckl, Lead Data Engineer / Cloud Solution Architect at paiqo GmbH! Located in Wolkersdorf, Austria, Gerhard is the key maintainer of the official PowerBI connector for Delta Lake and various other OSS tools in that ecosystem.

Gerhard possesses a strong background with the Microsoft Data Platform including Power BI, Azure, SQL Server and has been implementing traditional BI and data warehouse solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform for over 15 years with a personal focus on analytical databases ever since. With the increased adoption of cloud technologies he transitioned to data engineering and building highly scalable big data platforms based on OSS technologies like HDFS, Spark and Delta Lake in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

In July of 2016, Gerhard was a recipient of the Microsoft MVP, Most Valuable Professional, award which recognizes outstanding community leaders. In the Delta Lake community, Gerhard has often been seen as a panelist on the Delta Lake Community Office Hours and teaching users how to build their skills with analytical data platforms and big data. He also shares his knowledge as a speaker at various international conferences and via his blog.

OSS Contributions

Databricks VSCode Extension

DatabricksPS Powershell Module


Community Office Hours

- Delta Lake COH (2002-12-15)
- Delta Lake COH (2022-09-08)
- Delta Lake COH (2022-03-03)