R. Tyler Croy
R. Tyler Croy
Lead the Platform Engineering organization at Scribd

"From my perspective, it’s only the beginning with delta-rs. Delta Lake is a deceptively simple technology with tremendous potential across the data platform."

Meet R. Tyler Croy, Delta Lake Contributor of the Month! R. Tyler Croy leads the Platform Engineering organization at Scribd and has been an open source developer for over 14 years. His open source work has been in the FreeBSD, Python, Ruby, Puppet, Jenkins, and now Delta Lake communities. The Platform Engineering team at Scribd has invested heavily in Delta and has been building new open source projects to expand the reach of Delta Lake across the organization.

In recent years, Tyler’s main focus has been in the Delta Lake and Rust communities, exploring the potential use-cases for Rust in high concurrency data processing and ingestion. In fact, Tyler and his team at Scribd was the genesis of Delta Rust. Tyler has a Delta Rust code development stream on Twitch . When Tyler isn’t working on code, he is involved in many of the other aspects of the Delta Lake project. Tyler has been seen in a variety of Delta Lake videos to educate the community and share the latest updates and also publishing Delta Lake-focused blogs. Thank you for all you do, Tyler!


Community Office Hours

- Delta Lake COH (2002-12-15)
- Delta Lake COH (2022-09-08)
- Delta Lake COH (2022-03-03)